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Atlanta, Georgia Drum School

Interested in Drums?   Check out what's happening at AIMM...

Jerome Flood now at AIMM

Jerome FloodGet the inside scoop on Gospel Chops with Guitar Center Drum Off Grand Champion Jerome Flood.

:: Get Inspired!

Develop both the technical & musical talents, and acquire the skills to become one of today's professional producer/engineers.

Dave Weckl talks about AIMM

Want to be the very best drummer you can be? Look no further than the Atlanta Institute of Music! Just ask Dave Weckl! Listen to the legendary drummer as he describes the profound advantages drum students will have at AIMM.

Marco Minnemann at AIMM

Marco talks about his experiences at the Atlanta Institute of Music with his band "The Aristocrats" featuring guitarist Guthrie Govan and bassist Brian Beller.

Atlanta Institute of Music and Technology

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media now offers an Associate of Applied Science in Music and Technology with a focus on either Drums, Bass, Guitar, or Keyboard in addition to its existing vocational programs.

Drums Certificate Program

Our Mission
Atlanta, Georgia Drum School Curriculum

If you've got the beat pulsing through your veins, The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media provides you with the instructional information and environment necessary to develop your drumming abilities and acquire the skills to become a top, professional drummer.

AIMM's effective Drum Curriculum is able to accomplish this task for the intermediate drummer through private instruction, classes, audio and video computer lab instruction, and live clinics featuring well-known percussion artists.

Learn From Industry Professionals

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is instructed by successful and industry-leading drummers that are dedicated in helping you find your niche in the current music world. 

All of their experience, skill, certification and/or music degrees help create an amazing atmosphere where your drumming techniques, talents, and education will be put to the test.

Staying Free and Diverse

It is the strong belief of AIMM that music is a completely universal language. Therefore, we accept and welcome students from various backgrounds.

There is absolutely no discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or age.

Drum Certificate Program Description

The Drum Certificate Program allows you to graduate with all the skills necessary to be successful in the music industry. This includes a deep comprehension of musical structure, the business of music, and performance styles. 

AIMM believes that well-rounded and educated musicians make the biggest impact in music culture. Therefore, this Drum Program consists of courses that cover both music performance and music theory.

Drumming Certificate Program

Follow the Rhythm of Success

This demanding and intricate curriculum provides the intermediate drummer with an education necessary to further their abilities. The ultimate goal is to gain employment in the field and make a splash that resonates within the music business. 

The program can be completed in 12 months (4 quarters) of full-time enrollment, or 24 months (8 quarters) of part-time enrollment.

It is important to state that students in the Drum Certificate Program are not required to complete General Education Courses. However, all drummers must show significant proficiency as described in Admissions procedures

All of the amazing drumming opportunities are yours for the taking at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. The first step is applying.

Click the link below to begin your own personal journey at becoming the best musician you could possibly be.

*Important Note: All Instrument Certificate Programs are ONLY enrolling for Fall 2019 Quarter, Not Spring or Summer Quarter*

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Drums Certificate Program Curriculum
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Course Number Course Title Credits
DRM120   Technique I
DRM125   Listening Survey
DRM130   Reading I
DRM910   Group Lesson I
INT100   Performance I
INT105   Skills Lab
INT134   Music Appreciation
INT145   Music Theory Essentials I
Required Credit Hours 13.5


Course Number Course Title Credits
DRM215   Rhythm Dictation
DRM220   Technique II
DRM230   Reading II


DRM240   Styles 1
DRM299   Career Objectives
DRM920   Group Lesson II
INT200   Performance II
INT245   Music Theory Essentials II
Required Credit Hours 12.5


Course Number Course Title Credits
DRM320   Technique III
DRM325   Gospel Drumming Techniques
DRM330   Reading III
DRM335   Introduction To Double Bass Techniques
DRM340   Funk Styles
DRM345   Latin Styles
DRM350   Jazz Styles
DRM360   Charting
DRM930   Group Lesson III
INT300   Performance III
INT301   Studio Performance III
Required Credit Hours 16.5


Course Number Course Title Credits
DRM420   Technique IV
DRM430   Reading IV
DRM435   Advanced Soloing
DRM440   Odd Meter
DRM940   Group Lesson IV
INT400   Performance IV
INT401   Studio Performance IV
INT495   Music Business
Required Credit Hours 13.5
Drums Total Required Credit Hours 56

To better serve our students, curriculum is subject to change.
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  • Definitely check out AIMM, get a good tour of it, go to Open House, go to the orientation, and you'll find that it's really professional. All the instructors really know what they're doing--they're all industry professionals and have been for years. You get a lot of hands-on activity and a lot of time to work on your projects on all the gear.

    Benjie Freund

    Sound Designer at Hi-Rez Studios, and Founder of Neutrino Gaming--creator of the iPhone/iPad app Aries Revenge

  • If you're going to go to any music school, AIMM is the one to choose. Since graduation, I've gotten all my work through AIMM...So, this is the place to be.

    Butch Buckner

    Drummer for Bionic Jive

  • AIMM was one of the best choices I've made.

    Chris Kittredge

    Drummer for Arrested Development Australian Tour 2011

  • Honestly, AIMM is very high level...it's something that I'm impressed with, would recommend, and would have wanted to come and study at in my younger years.

    Dave Weckl

    Drummer for Chick Corea