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Where Classical Tradition Meets Digital Electricity

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The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers our gifted keyboardists a conducive environment to improve their musical abilities and performing skills.  

In AIMM's Keyboard Programs, students will get the opportunity to study under some of the most celebrated faculty.

Our Atlanta keyboard students will receive an education with an innovative approach. We understand the musical world is constantly changing and deeply evolving; we keep our curriculum fresh and implemented with cutting-edge technology.

Our mission is to prepare our students to shine in the demands of college life as well as assemble them for their professional music careers well into the future.

Keyboard Programs at AIMM

We offer a Music and Technology Associate Degree with a Focus in Keyboard and a Performance Certificate in Keyboard.

Both programs assist keyboardists in elevating their skillset, teaching music theory, and making life-long music industry connections.

Did you know that AIMM is the only Music College that combines organic keyboard instrumentation with technical recording components? This way, all students leave AIMM as a well-rounded musician ready to make a splash in the music industry.

We Develop Each Keyboardists Unique Style and Empower Them to Succeed

Electronic Keyboard Music College Atlanta

Receiving your music technology degree with a focus on keyboards from the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media will provide you with the musical talent and skills to thrive in the musical world.

Our unique syllabus merges traditional keyboard performance with cutting-edge digital keyboard-base technology.

As a musician, you will develop your keyboard skills while exploring a range of contemporary styles including

  • Blues
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Classic Rock
  • Fusion

While under the instruction of Atlanta’s best musical professionals.

AIMM's Professional Keyboardists and Talented Facility

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media Keyboard Education Program employees some of the most well-known and musically accredited staff. Our faculty are equipped with the latest research and performance in their areas of expertise. 

The philosophy of AIMM's keyboard department is one of strong dependence on the mentoring process, by which the students' private teachers guide them musically, and advise them in all aspects of their overall education and development.

Our Atlanta Keyboardist Professionals have worked with: 

  • Jazz Saxophonist George Howard
  • Drummer Sonny Emory
  • Spyro Gyra Guitarists Chet Catallo
  • Gospel Artists and many others 

Studying Keyboard at AIMM    

Atlanta Keyboard School

Our program is designed with technical courses geared towards education that gives students the ability to flourish and excel in their music careers.

For the beginning intermediate instrumentalist AIMM builds your music education with both tools of recording and engineering, to guarantee your musical talent will prosper far into the future.

Our students will learn the vast capabilities of the keyboard:

All students in keyboard studies receive education through class and practical application instruction, lab instruction, and live clinics, highlighting today’s most well-known and creative engineers, producers, and music industry producers.

Note-reading on the keyboard

  • Note Recognition
  • Intervals
  • Chord Shapes 
  • Rhythmic Figures

Basic scales and Chord Forms used in Contemporary Musical Performance

  • Major Scales
  • Minor Scales
  • Traids
  • Basic Voicing

All introductory courses advance each keyboardist to advanced levels in each area of practice developing their musical abilities to professional ones.

The philosophy of AIMMS keyboard department is one of strong dependence on the mentoring process, by which the students' private teachers guide them musically, and advise them in all aspects of their overall education and development.

Our Invite to You

The demand for creative, technologically savvy composers and keyboard professionals is greater than ever, and thanks to advances in recording and engineering technology, we can prepare you for the career that can take you anywhere you want to go.

At AIMM we are changing the way the world experiences music.

The music scene is becoming over-populated with DIY Keyboardists uploading their music to YouTube and Instagram. Music accessibility is better than ever, but it is easy to be lost in the crowd.

If you want to stand out from the pack, earn a degree or certificate from an accredited Atlanta Keyboard Music School.

If you're an aspiring keyboardist, then the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media School has everything you are looking for.

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