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What is the Role of an Audio Recording Engineer?

When you think of an audio producer, your mind may take you to an image of a slick producer sitting on the one side of the glass in a studio with a famous musician on...

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Benefits of Owning Plug-Ins

Are Plug-Ins Just as Efficient as Hardware?

In this digital age we live in, crafting unique and appealing sounds has never been easier.

That is largely in part thanks...

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Top 3 DAWs for Beginner Audio Engineers

Top DAW Software for Beginner Audio Producers

Are you a musician or an aspiring audio engineer that is considering dabbling in Music Production?

It can be a little...

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Mixing Low End | Tips for the Kick & Bass Relationship

As most producers or sound engineers know, mixing the kick drum and bass can be one of the most challenging parts of a mix-down.

Finding a nice spot for each of them...

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5 Tips on Getting Bigger Sounding Drums in Your Mix

Drums are integral to any song; they are what make a hit have rhythm and a solid groove.

Drums are not just the stationary metronome jammed at the back of the stage....

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10 Tips for Writing Great Songs | Songwriting Guide

Have you ever sat down to write a song and instead of music you hear crickets?

We've all been there.

Maybe you're new and just aren't sure where to start.

Maybe you...

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What Exactly is a Hook in Songwriting?

A hook is something vastly different depending on what industry you're in.

If you're a fisherman, the hook is your livelihood.

If you're an actor or actress on...

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How to Structure a Pop Song

Writing a Hit: Pop Song Dynamics and Structure

Are you looking at writing the next big hit pop song? Can you feel the melody and hook in your head and itching to get...

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7 Tips to Crush Writers Block and Start Writing Now

How to Overcome Writer's Block

We've all been there.

We need to write.

The music needs to be written. The lyrics need to be finished. But for the past hour or so,...

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4 Things to Do Before Your Next Music Project

Steps to Take Before Your Next Music Industry


If you're reading this, odds are you have a big music project coming up. In the world of music, a "big project"...

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  • Definitely check out AIMM, get a good tour of it, go to Open House, go to the orientation, and you'll find that it's really professional. All the instructors really know what they're doing--they're all industry professionals and have been for years. You get a lot of hands-on activity and a lot of time to work on your projects on all the gear.

    Benjie Freund

    Sound Designer at Hi-Rez Studios, and Founder of Neutrino Gaming--creator of the iPhone/iPad app Aries Revenge

  • If you're going to go to any music school, AIMM is the one to choose. Since graduation, I've gotten all my work through AIMM...So, this is the place to be.

    Butch Buckner

    Drummer for Bionic Jive

  • AIMM was one of the best choices I've made.

    Chris Kittredge

    Drummer for Arrested Development Australian Tour 2011

  • Honestly, AIMM is very high's something that I'm impressed with, would recommend, and would have wanted to come and study at in my younger years.

    Dave Weckl

    Drummer for Chick Corea