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    14 July

    The Top 10 Greatest Guitarists of All Time

    Picking the ten greatest guitarists of all time is an impossible task. There are so many greats that limiting it down to ten…

    01 July

    What Made Dr. Dre So Successful?

    The 2015 Forbes list of the world’s richest musicians had Dr. Dre at number one. The hip-hop legend got his start when his…

    01 July

    How to get Free Music Promotion

    One of the biggest struggles for up-and-coming artists is getting exposure for their music. Below is a list of the best ways…

    27 June

    Where are the Best Places to Promote Music Online?

    Everyone knows the dawn of the internet changed the music industry for good. Although most professional artists see the…

    27 June

    A Day in the Life of Guitarist and AIMM Graduate Tosin Abasi

    If you are a guitar fan, then you probably know the name Tosin Abasi. He has already accomplished a lot during his time in the…

    16 June

    Transferable Career Skills Acquired by Music School Graduates

    Creative When making the decision to pursue a music degree, students often believe there only career options will lie within…

    08 June

    5 Great Jobs You Can Get With A Music School Degree

    When making the decision to choose a music career, many people think either musician or teacher. However, there are many…

    07 May

    14 Tips Your Band Should Know Before Going Into A Recording Studio

    Working in a commercial studio is quite different than working from home. Today, we are going to share with you some…