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    28 June

    How to Safely Extend Your Vocal Range | 5 Proven Tips

    Can you extend your vocal range? The simple and easy answer is; yes! Whether you've been singing for decades or days, you…

    24 May

    6 Music Industry Careers That Get You Paid | High Paying Music Jobs

    Busting the Starving Artist Myth We've all heard the "starving artist" cliche. When you hear about the starving artist, you…

    26 April

    Best 3 DAWs for Beginner Audio Engineers | Top Music Production DAWs

    Top DAW Software for Beginner Audio Producers Are you a musician or an aspiring audio engineer that is considering dabbling…

    29 March

    What Exactly is a Hook in Songwriting?

    Examples of a Hook in Songwriting A hook is something vastly different depending on what industry you're in. If you're a…

    25 March

    How to Structure a Pop Song

    Writing a Hit: Pop Song Dynamics and Structure Are you looking at writing the next big hit pop song? Can you feel the melody…

    19 February

    How to Break Into the Music Industry | 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Career

    5 Tips to Make It in the Music Industry Have you ever thought, "I wish I had the talent to make it big?" Many people may…

    23 January

    5 Tips to Make Your Vocal Recording Sound Higher Quality On A Budget

    Get Professional Sounding Vocals in Your Mix Many people may have an idea in their head that it will take much more money…

    02 January

    Top 10 Music Videos of 2018 | The Best Official Videos Roundup

    The Best Music Videos From 2018 2018 boasted an epic amount of fantastic songs and even better music videos. Now that the…

    29 November

    The Best Holiday Musician Gift Guide 2019 | Gifts Listed By Instrument

    The Ultimate 18 Holiday Gifts For Musicians and Music Lovers It's that time of year again! People are scrambling to find the 

    20 November

    6 Ways To Get Your Music Heard In 2021

    You've spent hours and hours working on your music. You've written the lyrics, composed the music, put everything together,…