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    02 January

    Top 10 Music Videos of 2018 | The Best Official Videos Roundup

    The Best Music Videos From 2018 2018 boasted an epic amount of fantastic songs and even better music videos. Now that the year…

    29 November

    The Best Holiday Musician Gift Guide 2019 | Gifts Listed By Instrument

    The Ultimate 18 Holiday Gifts For Musicians and Music Lovers It's that time of year again! People are scrambling to find the …

    20 November

    6 Ways To Get Your Music Heard In 2021

    You've spent hours and hours working on your music. You've written the lyrics, composed the music, put everything together, and…

    17 October

    To Steam, or Not To Steam? - Strategies for Vocalists

    We all know that hydration is good for the voice (and if you don’t know, now you know: DRINKING WATER = A HAPPY VOICE AND A…

    12 October

    Musician Mental Health | How to Love Your Craft and Stay Positive

    7 Ways to Counter Negative Thoughts as a Musician When you decided to become a musician and pursue music, what were your dreams?

    15 September

    5 Steps For Submitting a Demo to a Record Label - Get Found!

    There are few things in life more exciting than finishing a personal and creative project. Music is no exception. When you…

    14 September

    11 Best Bass Guitar Tips For Practicing Effectively

    The Best 11 Practicing Tips For Bass Guitar Think of something you're really good at. Maybe it's writing, or fixing cars, or…

    30 August

    Fretted vs. Fretless Bass Guitar - What Are The Pros And Cons

    When it comes to your instrument, for all intents and purposes, it is like a car or a house. It is your prized possession that…

    31 July

    AIMM Partners with Music Education Group (MEG) to Serve Atlanta's Youth

    Atlanta's Music Education Group is a nonprofit that benefits under served youth in Atlanta. Their staff help kids find and…

    23 July

    The Ultimate Guide To Guitar Pedals | Guitar Pedal Beginner Guide

    Top 15 Essential Guitar Pedals | Beginners Guitar Pedal Guide While some musicians cry out in defeat that we are living in a…