Damon Fonooni

    Damon Fonooni
    Damon Fonooni is the Director of Music Production and Audio for Media for Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. He is responsible for academically advising students in the Music Production Certificate and Music Production and Audio for Media Degree programs. In addition, Damon is an Instructor for various classes throughout these programs. He has been featured on BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, Triple J Mixup Australia, DJ Mag, and URB. Damon has also received numerous awards including Creative Loafing's Best Electronic Musician in Atlanta. As a Musician, Damon has toured the globe and was featured in the Toronto Film Festival. Damon attended Georgia State University. He is an Electronic Musician and Sound Designer and has released over 100 songs, originals, remixes and collaborations, and continues to work on various projects including film and television.

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