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    06 December

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    27 September

    What are Different Types of EQ and Filters? | Music Production Tips

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    13 September

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    16 August

    Benefits of an Online Music Education | Online Music Certificate Value

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    09 August

    What Does a Gate Do in Recording?

    Why do Producers and Engineers Use a Gate?  Tighten Up Drums Reduce Background Noise Have you ever recorded vocals and…

    22 April

    Mixing the Low End | Tips for the Kick & Bass Relationship

    How to Mix the Low End As most producers or sound engineers know, mixing the kick drum and bass can be one of the most …

    12 April

    5 Tips on Getting Bigger Sounding Drums in Your Mix

    Drums are integral to any song; they are what make a hit have rhythm and a solid groove. Drums are not just the stationary…