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    18 April

    How to Hook a Listener in the first 30 Seconds of a Song | Music Tips

    4 Tips to Hook a Listener in 30 Seconds of Your Song We live in a very fast-paced society and the average attention span…

    04 April

    Will Singing Every Day Improve Your Vocal Skills?

    Can Singing Every Day Improve My Voice? "If I don't practice one day, I know it. Two days, the critics know it. Three days,…

    28 March

    8 Tips for Musicians to Stay Productive During COVID-19 Virus

    How Musicians Can Stay Active During Social Distancing With social distancing in full effect due to the COVID-19 virus, it…

    20 March

    Socially Distant....Yet We Remain Together

    Chances are you don't remember the first time you heard of the "coronavirus," now titled COVID-19. When the word was…

    06 March

    How To Soundproof Your Rehearsal Space | Soundproof Your Band Practice

    Tips for Soundproofing Your Practice Space If you're a musician, at some point during your career, you've probably struggled…

    28 February

    How to Prepare a Song for Mastering | A Guide to Mastering Your Track

    Tips for Preparing a Mix for Mastering You've done it! You successfully recorded and mixed a track. Take the time to…

    21 February

    How to Choose the Best Studio Headphones | Studio Recording Headphones

    How to Choose the Correct Studio Headphones Picking the right headphones to use in your studio can be a daunting task. Do…

    01 February

    How to Balance Music & Life | Tips to Help Focus on Music & Enjoy Life

    6 Proven Tips to Balance Music and Life Imagine all of the music you could create and produce if you had no other care in…

    25 January

    Top 10 Most Memorable Super Bowl Halftime Shows | Best Performances

    10 Best Super Bowl Halftime Performances It's that time of year again. The NFL playoffs had the drama, grit, and competition…

    18 January

    How Can I Become a Better Singer? | The Ultimate Guide to Singing

    The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Singer Want to know one thing that makes singing so fascinating? Anyone can do it. …