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    01 February

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    25 January

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    18 January

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    11 January

    How to Learn Music Production Quickly | 6 Fast Tips and Strategies

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    20 December

    Can You Get a Music Certificate Online? | What is a Music Certificate?

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    14 May

    What is the Role of an Audio Recording Engineer? | Recording Engineer

    When you think of an audio producer, your mind may take you to an image of a slick producer sitting on the one side of the…

    05 April

    10 Tips for Writing Great Songs | How to Write a Really Good Song

    The Best Songwriting Tips Have you ever sat down to write a song and instead of music you hear crickets? We've all been…

    15 March

    7 Tips to Overcome Writer's Block | How to Beat Writer's Block Quickly

    How to Effectively Crush and Overcome Writer's Block We've all been there. We need to write. The music needs to be written.…

    21 September

    Marketing Tips for Audio Producers | Attracting Musicians

    How to Snag Clients as an Audio Engineer Being an Audio Producer can feel like an absolute dream come true. You get to…

    14 June

    Top 5 Dynamic Microphone Brands | Choosing the Best Microphone

    Best Dynamic Microphone Manufacturers When it comes to being a vocalist, your voice is your instrument. How you take care of…