Vitali Tkachenka

    Vitali Tkachenka
    Vitali Tkachenka is the Director of E-Learning and an Instructor for Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. He is responsible for teaching scales, reading, music theory, and creating online music courses. Vitali is the author of ‘Modern Scales Concepts’, ‘Diatonic Modes Concepts’, ‘Killer Technique: Guitar’, and ‘Technique Workout for the Modern Guitarist’. He has played guitar on releases from T.S. Band, Nota Bene, Da Cynosure, Marina Morozova, Snooze Band, Nancy Gerber, TY Steele Band, and Adam Nitti. He also has several solo releases including ‘Fly Away’, ‘Sides’, and ‘Sometime Tomorrow’. He is endorsed by One-Control, Atomic Amplifiers, Dean Markley, Carvin Audio, WGS Speakers, Godin Guitars, Radial Engineering, Kiesel Guitars, Eastman Guitars, and Diago Pedalboards. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music from A.M.Shirokov Institute of Modern Knowledge and a Certificate from Atlanta Institute of Music and Media in Guitar. He is also an AVID certified operator in Pro Tools for music production. As a native of Belarus, Vitali was featured on a national radio broadcast of The Renaissance of Guitar. After moving to the United States to study guitar at AIMM, Vitali draws from inspiration from musicians such as Nite Driscoll, Randy Hoexter, Steve Rieck, Bill Hart, Rob Schumann, Trey Wright, Carl Culpepper, David Poole, Corey Christiansen and Jimmy Herring.

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