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    What are the 10 Benefits of Choosing a Musical Mentor?

    One of the most important components when deciding on a musical school is who will be your musical mentor? Who will be teaching you and how will that person serve your musical needs?

    Whatever music institute you decide on, for the next several years, you will interact with your private instructor in weekly one-on-one lessons. You and your teacher will be spending a lot of time together, and their influence on you cannot be understated.

    At the least, they are entrusted to help you improve and later excel at your instrument of focus.

    Depending on the depth of your relationship with your mentor they have the ability to guide you to a greater music understanding and maximum personal growth in the music of your choice.

    Why are Musical Mentors so inspirational?

    Exceptional mentors will point out your strengths and weaknesses and build strategies to get you closer to your goals. They will provide honest and constructive criticism, help you develop self-awareness, and inspire you to reach limits you never knew you could.

    Also, mentors also have professional working connections to open new career paths in your music pursuit. Their job is to pass on their expertise to you, but it is also your responsibility to cherish the knowledge passed on and implement it in all facets of your musical journey.

    How to begin your search for a mentor?

    We all know in this day and age you have many resources at your disposal to help in the quest for a music mentor:

    • You should first begin your search by visiting the music schools’ website that interest you to find their private instrument or voice instructors
    • Search online for musicians on your instrument that you admire, to learn where they are currently teaching
    • Use journals and publications to further your search. Most instrument-specific associations publish their magazines. These are great resources for seeking professionals who are active in the field
    • Lastly, of course, consult with your friends, parents, and current teachers for advice.

    Once you narrow down some choices and select a good candidate, contact them. Preferably, you should try to “feel this person out” ahead of your audition date. If possible, try to set up a private lesson, this will help you establish a rapport and determine if the chemistry is right.

    10 top qualities to look for in a music mentor:

    1. Availability

    Your mentor needs to be available for communication.

    There may be times when you will need to meet your mentor outside of scheduled visits. Instructors who hold full-time offices at universities tend to be more accessible to students.

    2. Flexibility

    Mentors should be open to adapt to your needs while teaching and guiding in a manner that works for you.

    3. Similarities

    Select a mentor that has a similar attitude, values, and goals as yourself. This will make your musical prospects easily achievable especially when your mentor understands you and is familiar with the road ahead.

    4. Character

    Your mentor should be someone you look up to and respect. They should exhibit morals and ethics and display honesty.

    5. Confident

    An outstanding mentor should be someone you trust. There may be situations when you will need to be vulnerable and open with your mentor.

    6. Caring

    Your mentor needs to care about your success just as much as you do.

    7. Inspiring

    A mentor should inspire you to reach new levels and goals.

    8. Positive

    Your instructor needs to be positive. Your journey to success may not always be smooth.

    It will be important to have someone to help you up and keep you going when you are feeling down.

    9. Challenging

    Mentors are not afraid to criticize constructively. You need to be pushed out of your comfort zone to reach new heights that you didn’t think possible.

    All of this will allow you to reach your fullest potential and advance your musical abilities.

    10. Believe in you

    A mentor needs to believe in your potential to put their maximum efforts into the relationship.

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