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    Top Careers For Music Writers, Producers, and Performers


    Top Careers for Musicians and PerformersCareer options for those in the arts sometimes feel limited, but in reality, the possibilities are endless.

    Some people want to be a center stage performer, singing or performing their songs to a crowd of fans. While others, want to write and compose music with no desire to be in front of thousands of screaming people on a nightly basis.

    Both dreams are valid, and both are achievable in one way or another. Below is a list of career possibilities for talented musicians who want to write, compose, produce or perform music professionally.

    • Songwriter- A song writer's job is to create hit songs for other groups and bands to play. 
    • Lyricist- A lyricist is required to write song lyrics for other performers to sing and use in songs, musicals, TV shows, films, and even commercials.
    • Production Music Writer or TV Music- Writes music that is usually licensed or sold to a production music library. This music is then placed on TV shows, commercials, and films. The music composer splits their earnings with the production music library that owns the rights to the music.Best Music Careers for Song Writers and Composers
    • ComposerComposers create musical scores for TV, film, and computer games. They use live musicians and sampling to evoke the intended mood or emotion to mirror what’s happening on-screen.
    • Video Game ComposerVideo game composers create musical scores for video games.
    • Music ProducerA music producer writes, arranges, produces and records songs for other artists or their projects.
    • DJA disc jockey usually plays songs at bars, clubs, raves, and parties. Vinyl records used to be common amongst DJs but now the use of MP3s has taken over the use of traditional records and even CDs. Originally, DJ setups included, a mixer, turntables, a sound system and headphones, but many popular DJs use digital mixing software.
    • Rock Star/Singer/Performer- Often the most popular band member, who plays an essential role in singing and performing the band's songs to an audience.  
    • Recording Group/BandRecords tracks that are eventually released as singles and then on entire albums.
    • Show Band- Show bands consist of entertainment performers who work at resorts, hotels, casinos, clubs, and even cruise ships. A Cruise Ship Musician usually works for a particular cruise line, and will perform in many different areas around the ship, including the main theater, various lounges, and even by the swimming pool areas.Music Production Careers
    • Cover BandsPerforms other artist's music for events, so the audience can dance, sing along, and have fun at clubs, bars, casinos, lounges, and schools.
    • Sound DesignerProvides audio support for the interactive entertainment industry.

    If you are a gifted musician and dream of life in any of these fields, (writer, composer, producer, or performer) then our Georgia Music School can help you achieve your goals.

    The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media can enhance your abilities and provide you with the skills and knowledge to obtain the career you want and be extremely successful in that field. Call us today at 800-886-6874 or click on the link below for more information. 

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