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    10 October

    Up Your Game: 5 Unique Ways To Innovate Your Songwriting Style

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    12 July

    So You Want To Be A Musician? Here's What You Need To Know Before Getting Started

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    Top Music Streaming Services in 2017 - Rock Out Your Way

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    17 June

    Evolution of Music from the 1950's to the 2000's

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    22 February

    Atlanta - The Headquarters of Hip-Hop

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    18 November

    Tips for Parents of Students Who Want to Attend Music School

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    31 October

    Bob Dylan: The First Musician to Win the Nobel Prize

    For the very first time, the Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to a songwriter, Bob Dylan. Mr. Dylan was the…

    04 October

    5 Benefits to Expect from a Career in Orchestral Music

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    27 September

    Top Careers For Music Writers, Producers, and Performers

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    19 September

    Is Musical Talent Innate or Acquired?

    Many believe that some musicians are born with a natural ability to play music, while some must work twice as hard to learn.