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    13 December

    Do You Really Need the Best Equipment to Produce a Good Song?

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    22 November

    5 Ways to Earn Money Writing Music | Best Creative Music Strategies

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    15 June

    5 Steps to Creating a Successful Mixtape - Creating and Promoting Your Music

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    22 February

    Atlanta - The Headquarters of Hip-Hop

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    27 September

    Top Careers For Music Writers, Producers, and Performers

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    19 September

    Is Musical Talent Innate or Acquired?

    Many believe that some musicians are born with a natural ability to play music, while some must work twice as hard to learn.

    12 September

     5 Steps to Becoming a Famous Singer

    Nobody can tell you the exact formula to becoming a famous singer, or guarantee that it will even happen. However, this list…

    31 August

    Benefits to Giving Your Music Away for Free

    Some artists would struggle with the concept of giving their music away for free, especially if the whole point of pursuing…

    29 August

    A Career In Music Could Improve Your Health

    Many studies conducted by neuroscientists have proven that music heightens positive emotions. Music stimulates reward…

    25 July

    Alternatives to Signing a Record Deal and Getting Your Music Found

    So much has been said here about getting a record deal. But that is no longer the only option these days for aspiring…