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    What Can I Do With My Recording Degree?

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    A Recording Arts degree can open the door to careers not only within the music industry but outside of it as well. A recording program's objective is to provide the knowledge and assistance in producing a recorded portfolio needed to obtain employment or self-employment in music production.


    With your Recording Arts degree you obtain a job in the: 

    Recording Industry

    Once you are a Recording arts professional, you will have the opportunity to work with sound engineers, mixers, and editors. With your degree you have the chance to work with a record label's artists and repertoire department, discovering new talent while helping recording artists shape their future albums. 

    Film Industry 

    The film industry looks for people with recording degrees to work in sound departments recording and editing sound location. This career requires an understanding of the various ways that sound behaves in different settings to capture the highest quality sound indoors and outdoors. 

    Business Industry

    Recording Arts professionals may work in the business field along side law enforcement or the military providing audio forensic expertise. With a recording background, it is possible to become and expert witness in certain legal proceedings such as sound analysis, voice, and recording authentication. 

    Our Recording Program

    The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media's Modern Recording Arts Program is taught by professionals whose work experience, certification, and music/engineering degrees give each instructor the background to teach the demanding engineering and production curriculum.

    The demand for creative, technologically savvy composers and recording professionals is greater than ever, and thanks to advances in recording and engineering technology, we can prepare you for a career that can take you anywhere you want to go.

    If you're an aspiring music recording artist , then the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media school has everything you're looking for!

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