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    What Can You Do With A Music Degree? | Developing Your Music Career

    What can students do with a Music Degree

    What Can You Do with a Music Degree?

    The amount of job opportunities available to a music school graduate is much greater than students normally realize. A lot of individuals think that the only thing you can do with a music degree is teach or perform.

    While teaching and performing are certainly appealing career aspirations, those are not the concrete limitations.

    Although the majority of people dream of a career in performance, not everyone wants to be a “rock star.” 

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    Multiple Jobs Opportunities

    Many musicians today will choose to work multiple jobs. They usually have a steady and fulfilling career, while pursuing their performance dream on the side.

    They will work their main job regularly while booking gigs and performing at shows as much as possible in the evenings What jobs can I get with a Music Degreeand during the weekends trying to “make it” in this industry. These venues often include;

    • weddings
    • cruise ships
    • religious events
    • clubs
    • bars
    • restaurants
    • hotels
    • conferences
    • festivals

    There are thousands of potential music careers waiting to be pursued, and even this list does not begin to cover them all.

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    Potential Careers for Music School Graduates

    • Songwriter
    • Arts Administrator / Management
    • Tours / Road Manager
    • Audio Post Production
    • Cruise Ship Entertainer
    • Music Licensing / Copyright Consultant
    • Music Critic
    • Audio Engineering
    • Band Director 
    • Choral Director 
    • Music School Director / Administrator
    • Composer
    • Vocal Coach
    • Conductor
    • Military Band
    • Radio Programming
    • Music Agent
    • Music for Game Development
    • Educator / Lecturer
    • Pit Orchestra Musician
    • Entertainment / Music Lawyer
    • Piano Tuner / Mover
    • Event Production / Management
    • Instrument Company / Music Store
    • Media Development
    • Lyricist
    • Music Production
    • Instrument Repair
    • Talent Scout

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    Atlanta Institute For Music And Media

    Most of these careers require a degree in a musical focus area. If you are interested in a career in the music industry and are looking into music colleges, then the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media could be for you! 

    We help our students to grow and enhance their performance skills. Our state of the art facility gives our students the opportunity to work with the latest and greatest technology, preparing them for today's fast-paced industry. 

    An education from our Atlanta, Georgia Music School will provide graduates with the opportunities to obtain these ever-changing career possibilities and supply them with the knowledge and skills they need strive in these careers. 

    Not sure a degree or certificate from an accredited music college could lead to a career?

    Just look at AIMM alumni, Kesha Lee. She just won a Grammy for Record of the Year for This is America with Childish Gambino. AIMM also graduated Turbo the Great, who is known for Drip or Drown 2.

    What can you do with a Music Production Degree?

    You could be the next success story out of AIMM! Call today or click on the link below for more information! 

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