Are you a guitarist that wants to enroll in a top Georgia Guitar School?

If you're looking for one of the Best Colleges for Guitar Education, you're in the right place. Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is an accredited music college that offers various degree and certificate opportunities that are directly related to the current industry. The music you listen to every day is exactly what we teach at our Guitar School.

We provide students with the instructional environment necessary to help them develop their technical and musical talents in order to acquire the skills necessary to advance their guitar abilities and gain knowledge in this field of study. Our ultimate goal is to help our students land a sustainable music career and continue to succeed.


We Push Guitarist's Skills to Their Limits 

What are your guitar playing goals? What do you hope to achieve in the industry?

For an intermediate-level guitar player, this is where you want to be. AIMM offers an immersive, hands-on music atmosphere that is guaranteed to help your creative and technical skills blossom.

The curriculum is intense, combining classroom experiences and performance opportunities at every level. Within each specifically designed program, we challenge our students to become enlightened artists, who are capable of making their own artistic and professional decisions while still working as a member of a larger team.

Our Georgia guitar music school accomplishes this through: 

· Instrument Specific Technical Courses

· Recording and Engineering Courses

· Interdisciplinary Technical Courses

· General Education Courses

Not to mention the countless industry connections you'll be able to make between AIMM's instructors, clinics, performance opportunities, and more. The ultimate goal is to help you land a successful and sustainable high-paying guitar career.

What Guitar Programs Does AIMM Offer?

Did you know that AIMM is one of the only music colleges that combine organic instrumentation along with technical recording components in their programs?

That means you not only receive extraordinary education and coursework regarding the guitar, we also instruct guitarists on key recording and music production techniques. This way, you leave AIMM a well-rounded musician that is prepared to make a splash in the music industry.

AIMM's Guitar Programs include:

guitar lessons

Music and Technology Associate Degree: Guitar Concentration

In addition to helping you completely master the guitar and theory, this guitar degree trains students in the best music production practices. As an AVID Pro Tools Training Partner, AIMM has all of the insider tips and techniques when it comes to tracking, mixing, and mastering. 

For a guitarist in the current music industry climate, being able to record and produce original music is a major separating factor that could help advance your career.

Performance Certificate in Guitar

If professional music performance is your main focus, this is the perfect program for you. Musicianship through performance is incredibly powerful and this certificate will allow guitarists to conquer the stage and always put on an amazing show.

The Performance Certificate is also a short-term time commitment. With zero fluff in these courses, you'll quickly gain the education and skills you need. So, you'll be out gigging again before you know it.

guitar lessons at AIMM

Want to attend AIMM Online in Georgia?

AIMM is also an Online Guitar School for Georgia musicians.

The life of a musician can be hectic and the flexibility an online program provides is valuable. The Online Certificate in Music and Technology: Guitar Concentration is similar to our degree program in that it combines music production techniques with online guitar lessons, but the great thing about it is that you can take all of your online lessons from the comfort of your own home.

If you're tired of ineffective videos on YouTube for your typical guitar lessons, we don't blame you. The Online Guitar Certificate is fast-paced, immersive, and will directly provide you with the guitar lessons and courses to elevate your talents.

online guitar lessons in georgia

Our Guitar Courses will Provide You with the ability to: 

· Learn Multiple Different Music Genres

· Site Read Music

· Master Guitar Scales

· Navigate Record Sessions

· Advanced Student Learning

· Gain Music Theory Knowledge

· Record, Mix, and Master Original Music

· Master rhythm guitar and lead guitar

Instruction by Professional Artists and Musicians  

AIMM's guitar programs are led by award-winning published composer, David Mitchell, along with other expert Guitar Artists.  

Our esteemed Guitar teachers and instructors maintain working relationships with prominent musicians both locally in Atlanta, Nationally, as well as, abroad.

The work experience, certification, and degrees give each of our instructors a unique background to be the best teachers of the demanding, yet rewarding Guitar curriculum.

What we Offer Prospective Students


The demand for creative, dynamic, and passionate Guitar Professionals is becoming greater than ever, and thanks to advances in music technology, we have the ability to prepare you for a career that can take you anywhere you want to go.

Below are a few of the many resources and benefits we provide that are necessary for our students to advance their careers.

· Work-Study Program: Students with financial needs have the opportunity to get a part-time position within our campus departments.

· Vast Musical Curriculum Experience: Music students can experience many musical flavors from all different genres including jazz, classical, rock, blues, folk, and R&B.

· Job Placement Upon Graduation: During the final quarter of attendance, our students work with a Placement Specialist to produce a resume and begin exploring in-field employment opportunities.

At AIMM, we are changing the way the world experiences music. 

If you're an aspiring guitarist, want success in the music industry, or hoping to become an instructor yourself, then AIMM has the ability to help you become exactly what you desire to be. We truly believe that no dream or goal is too big to accomplish. Check out our alumni and student testimonials.

There is no other Georgia Guitar School that will help you jump-start your career as a guitarist quite like AIMM. If you want to turn your passion into a profitable career, fill out the form below to discover how AIMM can assist your music goals today.

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