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Best Atlanta Drum Performance School

Interested in playing Drums?   Check out what's happening at AIMM...

Jerome Flood now at AIMM

Atlanta Drum Instructor Jerome FloodGet the inside scoop on Gospel Chops with Guitar Center Drum Off Grand Champion Jerome Flood.

:: Get Inspired!

Develop both the technical & musical talents, and acquire the skills to become one of today's professional producer/engineers.

Dave Weckl talks about AIMM

Want to be the very best drummer you can be? Look no further than the Atlanta Institute of Music! Just ask Dave Weckl! Listen to the legendary drummer as he describes the profound advantages drum students will have at AIM.

Marco Minnemann at AIM

Marco talks about his experiences at the Atlanta Institute of Music with his band "The Aristocrats" featuring guitarist Guthrie Govan and bassist Brian Beller.

Recording  +  Drums

Master your craft + Pro Tools HD, Electronic Music Production, Live Sound, Mixing, and the Science at Art of Mastering!

Atlanta Institute of Music and Technology

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media now offers an Associate of Applied Science in Music and Technology with a focus on either Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Voice or Horn in addition to its existing vocational programs.

Music and Technology Associate Degree with Focus on Drums

Our Mission
Best Percussion Degree Program

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media provides Music and Technology program students with the instructional environment necessary to develop both their technical and musical talents, and to acquire the skills to advance their musical aptitude and gain knowledge in the field of recording and engineering.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media's M&T AAS curriculum accomplishes this through class and practical application instruction, lab instruction, and live clinics featuring today's most well-known and innovative engineers, producers, and music industry professionals.

Who Teaches our Drum Degree Program?

'The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media's M&T AAS is taught by professionals whose work experience, certification and/or music/engineering degrees give each instructor the background to teach the demanding curriculum.

It is the belief of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media that music, along with its many technological facets, is the universal language and; therefore; welcomes students from diverse backgrounds.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media serves students without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, age, religion, or sexual orientation.

The drum degree program's stated objective is to provide the knowledge and assistance in producing a recorded portfolio needed to obtain employment or self-employment in music and/or production used in the world wide web, movies, television, radio, record labels, video, film, multi-media production studios, and live performance in or recording for bands and churches.

Program Description

The M&T AAS program consists of technical courses designed to provide the student with the necessary education to further his or her musical and recording and engineering abilities.

Students select an instrument of focus (Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Guitar, Voice or Horn), and complete courses specific to that instrument, as well as recording and engineering courses.

The drum program is designed for the intermediate instrumentalist who also wishes to gain knowledge in the field of recording and engineering, in order to open opportunities in today's ever-changing music industry.

The degree program with a focus on drumming performance can be completed in 24 months (6 quarters of instruction and 2 quarters of breaks) of full-time attendance.

Students may also choose to complete the program in an accelerated time frame of 18 months (6 sequential quarters with no breaks). Atlanta Drum School and Degree Program

Students in good standing will have the option to take Pro Tools certification exams upon course completion.

Students in the Music and Technology Associate of Applied Science program are required to complete the requisite number of General Education credits.

Students wishing to attempt to transfer general education credits completed at other institutions must demonstrate appropriate comparability to the applied nature of the general education courses available at AIMM.

Students must show proficiency on the instrument of their focus as described in Admissions procedures.

Drums Program Curriculum
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Instrument-Specific Technical Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
DRM 010   Blues and R&B Performance Counseling
DRM 012   Early Rock Performance Counseling
DRM 020  

Modal Jazz Performance Counseling

DRM 022   Classic Rock Performance Counseling
DRM 030  

Jazz Standards Performance Counseling

DRM 032  

80s & 90s Rock Performance Counseling

DRM 040  

Fusion Jazz Performance Counseling

DRM 042  

Progressive Rock Performance Counseling

DRM 130   Reading I
DRM 230  

Reading II

DRM 330  

Reading III

DRM 430  

Reading IV

DRM 120   Technique I
DRM 220  

Technique II

DRM 320  

Technique III

DRM 420  

Technique IV

Number of Instrument-Specific Credits Required 20

Music and Technology: Recording and Engineering Technical Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
RCD 100   Pro Tools Native|101
RCD 130   MIDI: Synthesis & Sequencing
RCD 140   Introduction to Audio Production I
RCD 200  

Pro Tools Native 110

RCD 205   Studio Interconnect Basics
RCD 240  

Introduction to Audio Production II

RCD 300  

Pro Tools HD 201

RCD 340  

Introduction to Music Production

RCD 400  

Pro Tools HD 210M

RCD 410   Science & Art of Mastering
RCD 435  

Methods of Mixing

Number of Recording Technical Credits Required 30

Music and Technology: Interdisciplinary Technical Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
INT 105   Skills Lab
INT 145   Music Theory Essentials I
INT 245  

Music Theory Essentials II

INT 160   Blues and R&B Performance
INT 170   Early Rock Performance
INT 260  

Modal Jazz Performance

INT 270  

Classic Rock Performance

INT 360  

Jazz Standards Performance

INT 370  

80s & 90s Rock Performance

INT 460  

Fusion Performance

INT 470  

Progressive Rock Performance

INT 280   Studio Performance II
INT 380  

Studio Performance III

INT 480  

Studio Performance IV

INT 495   Music Business
Number of Interdisciplinary Credits Required 20

Music and Technology: General Education Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
HUM 110   Finding Poetry in Songwriting
HUM 115   Writing for Job Readiness
HUM 120   Contemporary Music Survey I
HUM 125   Contemporary Music Survey II
SOC 110   Survey of World Music
SOC 120   The Sociology of Popular Music
SCI 110   Introduction to Electronics
SCI 120   Physics of Sound and Music
MAT 110   Accounting and Tax Essentials for Entrepreneurs
MAT 120   Mathematical Foundations of Music
Total Available Credit Hours 30
The minimum requirement for general education credits is 23, with at least one
course from each of the four areas. Since AIMM’s general education courses are
three credits each, the student will take a total of eight general education courses.
Minimum Number of General Education Credits Required 24
Music and Technology Program—Total Credit Hours 94

To better serve our students, curriculum is subject to change.
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  • Definitely check out AIMM, get a good tour of it, go to Open House, go to the orientation, and you'll find that it's really professional. All the instructors really know what they're doing--they're all industry professionals and have been for years. You get a lot of hands-on activity and a lot of time to work on your projects on all the gear.

    Benjie Freund

    Sound Designer at Hi-Rez Studios, and Founder of Neutrino Gaming--creator of the iPhone/iPad app Aries Revenge

  • If you're going to go to any music school, AIMM is the one to choose. Since graduation, I've gotten all my work through AIMM...So, this is the place to be.

    Butch Buckner

    Drummer for Bionic Jive

  • AIMM was one of the best choices I've made.

    Chris Kittredge

    Drummer for Arrested Development Australian Tour 2011

  • Honestly, AIMM is very high level...it's something that I'm impressed with, would recommend, and would have wanted to come and study at in my younger years.

    Dave Weckl

    Drummer for Chick Corea