Music Production and Audio Engineering School Decatur, GA

Our music Production and Engineering Music School instructs students from Decatur, Georgia and the surrounding areas, who are interested in editing, mixing, and creating a variety of sounds for the use in media.

Dialogue, music, and sound effects require advanced work in order to be perfectly synced and customized to match desired media formats. These varying media formats show up in popular television shows, internet videos, video game sound effects, major motion pictures, and many more.

The Process of Developing the Right Sound Quality

Certificate in Music Production

The process of creating different sounds for the use in media and film can be challenging. The process includes a variety of steps, including,

  • Music Editing
  • Sound Effects Editing and Design 
  • Production Dialogue Editing 
  • Mixing
  • Foley Recording 
  • Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
  • Music Composition

Our Music and Media college serving Decatur, Georgia is world renowned in how it walks students throughout this process effectively and offers ambitious students once in a life time opportunities to learn from the best professionals in the music industry.

Our variety of focus areas allows students to chose from different certificate programs and corresponding degree offerings.

Music Production and Mix Engineering Students will enhance their musical abilities and audio acuity, preparing them for what could be an extremely successful and prosperous career in the industry of their choice. 

Professional Audio Engineers & Accredited Producers 

Recording and Music production college Decatur, Georgia

Some of the world's best music professionals are professors at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. We employ only the best instructors to teach our demanding curriculum.

These industry professionals have an abundance of knowledge that they have learned to combine with their “real world” experience to teach the most beneficial combination of courses and degree programs a music college could offer in the Decatur area.

In addition to students obtaining a prestigious arts education, they are simultaneously networking to create professional relationships with these prominent engineers, producers, and musicians who at the forefront of their industries and are asked to regularly put their talents on display with many performance opportunities available.

How our respected teachers have Developed their Audio Engineering Career and can help you along your music journey

Kevin Rigney is a composer, sound designer, and audio engineer. He has worked with an impressive variety of artists and stations alike, including,

  • Steve Vai
  • George Lynch
  • Paul Gilbert
  • The Dave Weckl Band
  • Tosin Abasi
  • Adult Swim
  • CNN Sports
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Honeywell
  • Victor Wooten
  • Steve Bailey

Our Decatur Graduates Become Successful Producers

AIMM graduates often pursue rewarding careers in the music and media industry within their areas of focus. Matt Aston, just one of our most successful alumni, stands out among the crowd. 

During his time at AIMM he landed an internship at the infamous Tree Sound Studios, in Atlanta. This opportunity would have most likely been out of reach without the resources presented to him at AIMM.

This opportunity led to a job, in which he became an engineer at the studioHe credits AIMM for this amazing opportunity, and for preparing him to be successful in his career. 

He eventually began specializing in location audio and show-cased his work on a variety of reality television shows in Atlanta, such as,

  • Big Rich Atlanta
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta
  • The Family Hustle
  • Kandi Factory

Mix Engineer in Decatur, Georgia Matt truly believes that without his education from AIMM he would have missed out on some great opportunities. 

His music education and audio recording degree has proven to be invaluable to his future. He attributes his success to the instructors and knowledge AIMM presented him with.

If you are an aspiring artist and it is your dream to be an audio engineer, or work in the music production industry, then our Atlanta music school could be the right choice for you! 

Other successful Music Production Alumni from AIMM include Turbo the Great and Kesha Lee.

Our Associate Degree in Music Production  

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers residents of Decatur, Ga an opportunity to learn from the best with our Music Production Associate of Applied Science Degree. 

This program includes courses that will further students knowledge and abilities in music, recording, and audio engineering. Students in the Music Production Degree program will successfully improve their previous musical abilities, while gaining invaluable knowledge about the industries that are less familiar to them, like post production, audio engineering, and recording. 

Completing all general education classes is an additional requirement of the AAS degree program. Students in the Music Production and Audio for Media Associate Degree Program must also complete a variety of rewarding courses that have been specially created, designed, and hand selected to provide students with the best knowledge and abilities.

Students will use these skills to perfectly sync sound to media, like in video games, film, and television. The varying sound forms can include,

  • dialogue
  • music
  • location audio 
  • sound effects

Industry professionals double as our accredited instructors. They utilize their own degrees, in addition to their abundance of work related experiences, to educate students in a classroom environment. 

music production cta

They employ a variety of instructional techniques to appeal to all learning types. Our music and media college near Decatur utilizes teaching practices like, 

  • lab instruction
  • practical application instruction
  • live clinics hosted by industry professionals

A variety of teaching styles makes our Georgia Music School appealing. Traditional classroom instruction combined with hands-on experience will appeal to all learning abilities and produces the best graduates, who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and real world experience to succeed. 

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers a valuable certificate opportunity, the Pro-Tools Certification for audio and film post production! Additionally, a variety of degree and certificate programs include, music production and audio engineering degrees.

Our Georgia music school services Decatur, and provides its students with the latest and greatest technologies via the best state of the art equipment. Our scholars will learn on the same equipment that professionals use everyday.

Therefore, upon graduation, your education will not have only enhanced your musical talents but also have readied your technical ones!

Students studying in the MPAM program will find themselves graduating with confidence. Our college's main goal is to prepare students and provide them with an exceptional education.

Graduates will have the necessary knowledge, skills, trade secrets, and opportunities for them to obtain and succeed in any music production or other desired career.

The Appeal of Our Music School Near Decatur

Music Production School Atlanta

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers many certificate and degree programs in a variety of industries, including music production and audio for media. Each program's curriculum is purposefully designed to yield extremely knowledgeable graduates, ready to pursue a successful career in their desired media related field.

Students are almost guaranteed to graduate with confidence, allowing them to obtain a fulfilling career. Our music institution servicing Decatur can help students find a job, which is easy with the classroom knowledge and hands-on experience our priceless education has provided students with. 

As an additional part of our curriculum, students are required to  produce a recorded portfolio. They create this portfolio throughout their time studying at AIMM. This portfolio is a demonstration of each students abilities, and when combined with an impressive resume, can easily help any student demonstrate their capabilities as an artist to a potential employer!

The high demand for skilled and technologically advanced composers and producers makes right now a great time to pursue an music production, mixing, editing, or  audio engineering degree!

Professionals are being quickly sought after, and with AIMM’s state of the art engineering technology, and industry professional instructors, our school can be exactly what you need to jump start your dream career! 

If you want to become a professional audio engineer or an music producer and you live in Decatur, Ga, then look no further than AIMM!

Atlanta's best music college can prepare you for the career you have always dreamed of. Our graduates have the greatest potential to succeed and our school can take you anywhere that you wish to go. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is exactly where you should be!

Call the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media today, or click on the link below for more information on our music production degree and certificate programs!

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