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    Kesha Lee - Grammy Award Winning Engineer

    "Each quarter I would exceed the required hours, and I never missed a day of class. I was always eager to tell my family about my day and what I learned. For once I was excited about what I was doing.” 

    Online Music and Technology Certificate

    Tosin Abasi - Guitarist Animals as Leaders

     "I didn't want to spend four years without touring or gigging. So if you want to get a really condensed concentrated musical education without being out of the scene for a few years, and save money, I think AIMM is perfect!"

    Set Yourself Apart and Make Your Mark on the World

    Online Guitar Certificate

    Develop and Expand Your Guitar or Bass Skills 

    The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is excited to offer the Online Certificate in Music and Technology.

    This program offers a focus in either:

    The nationally accredited Online Music and Technology Certificate program consists of 36 credits that are fully transferable to the Associate of Applied Science in Music and Technology Degree.

    Financial aid is available for those that qualify.

    The Certificate program is offered 100% online and contains courses designed to provide the student with the necessary education to further their musical and recording and engineering abilities.

    The program is designed for the intermediate instrumentalist who also wishes to gain knowledge in the field of recording and engineering, in order to open opportunities in today’s ever-changing music industry.

    Our Online Certificate in Music and Technology is an exceptional program for musicians who want to master their instrument and learn valuable music production techniques.

    Additional Services Offered to Students and Alumni 

    Online Music degree

    AIMM provides students with the tools for rapid progress, expanding their repertoire and building new professional possibilities.

    As a confident and intelligent musician, producer, or live sound engineer, our students will be capable of handling more demanding and better-paying jobs in a competitive market.

    Combining what they learn with their personal styles, students build confidence and unlock their musical talents, creative potential, and technical skills.

    Below are a couple of the many resources and benefits we provide that are necessary for our students to advance their careers.

    • Vast Musical Curriculum Experience: Music students can experience musical flavors from all different genres including, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Folk, Blues, and R&B.
    • Job Placement Upon Graduation: During the final quarter of attendance, our students work with a Career Placement Specialist to produce a resume, and begin exploring in-field employment opportunities
    Online Bass Certificate

    Learn Music Production Techniques with AVID Pro Tools and Ableton Live

    In addition to choosing either a Guitar or Bass focus, the Online Certificate in Music and Technology teaches students beneficial music production techniques.

    This includes:

    • Recording
    • Mixing
    • Mastering

    AIMM believes in developing well-rounded musicians, so whether you want to have significant music production knowledge when you dive into the music industry or want to be your city's best DIY musician, we have you covered.

    As an AVID training partner, AIMM provides the music production courses that are most relevant to the industry, such as Pro Tools 101 and Pro Tools 110.

    Our Graduates Work With the Best

    Best Online Music Program

    Some of the musical artists and companies our graduates have worked with:


    • Kandi 
    • Snoop Dogg 
    • Brandy 
    • Ludacris
    • Ciara
    • Beyonce 
    • Steve Vai
    • Rick Ross 
    • Justin Bieber
    • Mary J. Blige 
    • Childish Gambino
    • Mariah Carey 
    • Lil Uzi Vert
    • Rachel Platten
    • TI
    • Nelly
    • 2 Chainz
    • Brantley Gilbert


    • Honeywell
    • Nickelodeon
    • Cartoon Network 
    • Comcast

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