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    Performance Certificate

    Music Performance Certificate with a Concentration in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, or Voice

    Atlanta Performance Certificate Program

    AIMM's Performance Certificate consists of instrument courses designed to provide the student with the necessary education to further his or her music performance abilities, and to facilitate the student’s ability to gain employment in the field.

    The student will select one of the following as an instrument concentration:

    • Guitar
    • Bass
    • Drums
    • Keyboard
    • Voice

    The performance certificate can be completed in 12 months (4 quarters) of ¾ time enrollment.

    Note: All of the courses in the Performance Certificate fully matriculate to the Music and Technology Associate Degree program, should a student decide to continue their studies at AIMM.

    To learn more about AIMM's courses, check out our E-Brochure.

    Performance Certificate

    The opportunities are endless at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. You can take your first step toward a successful music performance career by applying today.

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    Performance Certificate 

    (with a concentration in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, or Voice)

    Course Number Course Title Credits
    INT100*   Performance I
    INT200*   Performance II
    INT300   Performance III
    INT400   Performance IV
    INT301   Studio Performance III
    INT401   Studio Performance IV
    INT145*   Music Theory Essentials I
    INT245*   Music Theory Essentials II
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 130*   Reading I
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 230*   Reading II
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 120*   Scales I/Technique I
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 220*   Scales II/Technique II
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 320   Scales III/Technique III
    BAS/DRM/GTR/KEY/VOC 420   Scales IV/Technique IV

    Performance Certificate - Total Credit Hours 36

    Courses denoted with an asterisk (*) may be available to take online. Please check with your Academic Advisor on availability.
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    Program Features

      • Courses 14
      • Credit Hours 36 hours
      • Skill level Intermediate
      • Language English
      • Currently Enrolling Yes