Vocal Performance Degree Program In McDonough, Georgia

AIMM provides an exceptional music and vocal performance education to gifted artists in McDonough, Georgia

The Atlanta Institute of Music Media continues to set the industry standard by providing unlimited musical resources to take your professional singing career to successful levels.

Our unmatched curriculum gives students a hands-on experience equipped with both private and class instruction.

Most importantly, McDonough Students will learn how to develop an individualized artistic voice, vocal control, and performance practice through rigorous training targeted on technological and musical studies.  

Vocal Performance Arts School in McDonough, GA

Atlanta's Streets Are Filled With Musical Talent    

Atlanta has evolved into the new “hot spot,” the market for media business has broadened beating out Nashville and larger cities all over the nation.

Georgia’s growing music industry has a wealth of talent, expanding digital media infrastructure, production facilities, live music scene, and music education opportunities.

Musical talents from all walks of life flock to this area with unlimited resources right at their fingertips!

Some of the artists to emerge from the Atlanta music scene, and who are based in and around Atlanta include:

  • India.Arie
  • Collective Soul
  • OutKast
  • Black Crowes
  • Butch Walker
  • TLC
  • James Brown
  • Toni Braxton
  • R.E.M and so many more
The Atlanta Institute of Music's Voice Degree Program develops McDonough vocal performance students into successful powerful singers and teachers who can share their talents worldwide.

Many new vocal artists face the insecurities of producing riveting material, standing out to and attracting an audience, building a unique musical style, working the stage and effectively communicating with a live audience.

At the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media we address all industry challenges both with hands-on instruction and performance workshops.

Our professional vocational instructors provide students with the instructional environment necessary to achieve their individualized musical goals. The vocal performance program is taught by industry professionals who are at the cutting edge of vocal output and performance in their field.Voice Coaching and Lessons in McDonough, Ga

Their musical wisdom and knowledgeable backgrounds allows them to shed light on topics you can’t learn from books and lectures. Additionally, our experienced faculty maintains a working relationship with some of the most renowned artists of our time.

At AIMM Vocal Performance Art Students will excel in :
  • Note recognition
  • Ear training and development
  • Basic of directing,
  • Philosophy of music
  • Practical music
  • Voice methods
  • Music genre, and acoustic training

The goal of the voice program is designed to establish your unique vocal technique as well as confidence in your musical abilities to become a tech-savvy industry professional.

AIMM's Vocal Performance Curriculum:

  • Classical and modern vocal instruction
  • Audio and video lab instruction
  • Live clinics featuring innovative engineers, producers, and music industry professionals.

Atlanta's Vibrant Music Scene Welcomes McDonough Students 

Not only does AIMM offer the latest musical advancements the institutes location is in  the heart of the musical capital.The exciting city of Atlanta is known as the “chief executive” when it comes to the music business, paving the path for hundreds of vocal artists both locally and worldwide.

The vibrant city of Atlanta is filled with producers, engineers, artists, and writers. McDonough performance arts students have access to a wealth of outlets filled with fresh talent, self-made artists, and musical talent thriving in every direction.

McDonough students will be surrounded by:

  • Record labels
  • Acclaimed recording studios
  • World class venues
  • And all other aspects of the music and recording industry

Our McDonough musical school strives to transform lives through music giving you the gift of a lifelong engagement in your aspiring field.McDonough Vocal Performance School of Music

There is an increased demand for performing arts activities and singing lessons across the world.

If you're an aspiring vocal performance artist or have dreamed of becoming a singer, then the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media school has what you are looking for.

Come check out our McDonough Vocal Performance Degree Program now. It's the right decision for your future.

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