What School Offers Music Production?

Can You Get a Degree in Music Production?

Are you looking for Music Schools that offer Music Production?

If you want to capitalize on your talents and elevate your music production skillset, look no further than the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media.

AIMM offers a hands-on, immersive atmosphere where you will be taught by industry-leading instructors in exclusive studios.

A little bit more about AIMM's campus...

  • Recording studios
  • Performance Hall
  • Computer labs
  • Practice areas
  • Media Center library
  • Private lesson rooms
  • A student lounge
  • Digital practice rooms

Who Has Attended AIMM?

What Schools Offer Music Production | Turbo the Great

When deciding on a Music Production School, it is important to see what doors open for you. The degree is certainly important and will help you separate from the crowd, but a big part of schooling that many people don't discuss is the networking opportunities.

Here is a list of just a few AIMM Alumni that have made their mark in the music industry:

  • Turbo the Great
  • Kesha Lee
  • Andrew Tanguay

If you'd like to see more AIMM Alumni, click here.

Courses in AIMM's Music Production Degree Program

When you enroll in AIMM's Music Production and Audio for Media Program, you receive a condensed (no filler) music education that will prepare you for the music industry.

Students will gain comprehensive knowledge regarding the techniques and theories behind:

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Courses that you can look forward when enrolled in the Music Production and Audio for Media Associate Degree include:

  • Pro Tools 101 (You can actually become Pro Tools Certified at AIMM)
  • MIDI: Synthesis and Sequencing
  • Audio Post Production Techniques
  • Electronic Music Production
  • DAW Editing and Processing
  • Portfolio and Web Media
  • Plus many more!

How Long is Music Production School?

How Long is Music Production School

AIMM's Music Production and Audio for Media Degree consists of 38 courses and can be completed in 18 months of accelerated studies, 24 months of full-time enrollment.

The Associate Degree is typically known as a two-year program. Overall, it consists of 92 credit hours.

With an Associate Degree, you receive an intricate music education without filler material. Everything you learn is applicable. Time is money, and at AIMM, your time nor money is wasted.

Choose the School that Offers a Music Production Degree

Don't delay your career any longer. Don't ignore the passion you have for music production.

If you want to learn from industry-leading instructors in exclusive studios and receive a hands-on music education, you learn more about the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media's Music Production and Audio for Media Associate Degree.

Click the link below and find out why AIMM is the perfect fit for you to elevate and jumpstart your career.

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