Where are the Best Places to Promote Music Online?

    Everyone knows the dawn of the internet changed the music industry for good. Although mostMusic_Promo.png professional artists see the internet as a negative, because fans are no longer required to buy albums, it is a great asset to new up-and-coming artists, because it allows you to promote your music online for free. 

    The hardest part about promoting your music online isknowing which distribution channels will provide you with the most views and overall success. To pick the perfect digital music sharing site, you most first figure out your target audience. Understanding what type of person your music is going to appeal to is essential for picking the correct audio distribution channel. 

    Once you have figured that out, it is now time to pick the appropriate website to share your tunes. Below is a list of the most popular and up-and-coming music sharing platforms of today. Picking one of these sites is your best chance at targeting your desired audience and gaining a substantial following to help promote your music!

    The 6 Top Places to Get Your Music Noticed Online 


    1. YouTube:

    Creating your own YouTube Channel is imperative for your music to
    be discovered
    . So many of today's most famous artists were found on YouTube, including Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Katy Perry, Macklemore, and many more! 

    2. iTunes:

    iTunes has the largest online music library in the world, so why wouldn't you want to be a part of that?! The best feature of iTunes is that gives new artist and music suggestions to listeners based off of what they are already listening to. If that happens to be your music, then it is like free exposure! 

    3. Reddit Music

    Many people know that almost everything that goes viral on the internet was on Reddit first. It is arguably the largest underground content-sharing community on the web, so all new artists should familiarize themselves with Reddit Music. 

    4. Last.fm

    Last.fm adds new artist's music to playlists with a similar sound.This way, new artists get played alongside already famous and successful artists, allowing listeners to hear new music and determine if they like it. The more listeners that hear your music and create a playlist for it, the more popular your music and name will become in that genre.

    5. Spotify

    Spotify is one of the biggest and fastest growing music apps in the world. Uploading your music to Spotify's abundant library allows all users the ability to search and find your music. The app also has a discover new artists feature which connects your music to more famous artists, which could also be beneficial to getting your music played and discovered by new people. 

    6. SoundCloud

    Soundcloud is an audio distribution platform that attracts close to 200 million visitors every month! It allows listeners to stream your music for free and gives them the ability to like it or share it with others. Many successful artists were discovered on Soundcloud, and many still use it to distribute new music.Promoting Music Online | Atlanta Music School

    Know of any other great places to promote your music for free online? Leave us a comment below and help others spread their music far and wide!

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